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    The Australian Karting Association Ltd trading as Karting Australia (KA) is the governing body for the sport of Karting in Australia. Formed in 1966 the AKA has produced some of Australia’s finest motor racing talents. In September 2013 a new structure for the sport was introduced with a highly motivated skills based Board and new CEO being installed to run and develop the sport.

    5 time Moto GP World Champion Mick Doohan now leads the sport as Chairman.

    The power and authority to organise and control the sport within Australia has been delegated to KA by the Federation Internationale de ‘l Automobile (FIA) through the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS).

    KA has as our broad based objectives to encourage competition from a young age at appropriate levels, to develop excellence and to increase participation in the sport of Karting.

    The Board of KA hold as an imperative that our sporting competitions should be fun, fair, well run, and provide the best value for money that is achievable, in a quality environment where people can participate for the simple enjoyment of sport and to be able to strive for success at elite levels.

    Sound principles of Board governance, administrative responsibility, decision making for a fit and proper purpose at National, State and Club levels, respectful, fairness and transparency in officiating and the conduct of the sport at all levels are matters that should not be taken lightly as to do so will alienate those who have a right and a desire to compete in Karting on a level playing field.

    At all times the sport of Karting should have as its primary objective the achievement of the following functions and responsibilities:
    • Increased participation in the sport through the development and implementation of proactive sport, club, community and member development programs;
    • Implement a deliberate strategy to develop a consistent national regulatory regime across all areas of activity which facilitates participation in any state without any additional requirements;
    • Establish and foster partnerships with key stakeholders for the betterment of the sport of Karting;
    • Focus on increasing equity and diversity within the sport and organisation, including but not limited to youth, women, disabled, indigenous and culturally diverse groups;
    • Contribute to the development of a National Infrastructure and Facilities Strategy to ensure the sport has access to facilities and venues of an appropriate standard into the future;
    • Proactively engage with and contribute to the aims and objectives of the KA as contained within the KA Corporate Plan.
    The member associations of the Association are the State Karting Associations of the six States of Australia and of the Northern Territory:
    • Karting Tas Inc.
    • Australian Karting Association (SA) Inc.
    • Karting (New South Wales) Inc.
    • Australian Karting Association (QLD) Inc.
    • Karting WA Inc.
    • Australian Karting Association Northern Territory (Inc)
    • Victorian Karting Association Inc.
    and such other incorporated Karting Associations which all existing members agree to admit to membership.